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Good News Everyone

I’m excited to announce Kavin Manickaraj is joining me on the Proclamation 346E Blog as a co-writer and collaborator. Born originally in South India in a state called Tamil Nadu, Kav as he likes to be called studied mechanical engineering in his undergrad. He then studied material science and quantum mechanics in grad school. KavContinue reading “Good News Everyone”

Stay on Target

The world’s have officially collided and perhaps even more than AOA Keyforge has become a gamewhere it is vitally important to know how to read the board.In COTA it was often okay to ignore the board and simply push your amber generation as much aspossible. WC is a different beast and the board must beContinue reading “Stay on Target”

A Game Of Keys

Keyforge is a game that’s all about inches. I have sat down to review a game and often realized it’s come down to one missed opportunity to reap or one card held in hand too long. The particular aspect of our game of inches I want to talk about today is something I call KeyContinue reading “A Game Of Keys”

World’s Collide Review: House The Grand Star Alliance

Ratings Scale: 5 – All-star. You’ll never be sad to open a deck with this. This card is good without any support. 4- Good/Great. Works in the vast majority of decks, provides good value and requires low support. 3- Okay. This card provides either low value or inconsistent high value. They need support but theirContinue reading “World’s Collide Review: House The Grand Star Alliance”


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Alex lives in Oklahoma with his two Urchins their Mother and two Jagas.

Kav lives in Atlanta, has two dogs and a wonderful wife. I love food and cooking! one of my favorite things to do is to have friends over for dinners I cook.



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